Being a cat parent is one of the most fun and fulfilling experiences one can hope for. If you’re going to be a cat parent, or are one already, here are 5 accessories and supplies that we think are a must-have!

A Cat Parent Cat Carrier:

As a cat parent, you will need to have a proper crate that is well ventilated for your cats and has easy access to get the cat in and out of the crate. This will help you have your cat in a safe and comfortable environment whenever you go out.

A cat parent needs a cat carrier

Litter Box:

Litter boxes are always important for any cat parent because it helps you have a place for your cats to “do their cat business”. The boxes also go by other names such as cat boxes, cat pans, litter pans, sandboxes, or litter trays.

Scratching posts:

Every cat parent knows that cats love scratching pretty much anything and EVERYTHING. Therefore, it is important for cat parents to be equipped with scratching posts that can help with the cats’ urges to scratch. Just make sure that the base of the post is sturdy for it not to be tipped over.

Collar and ID Tag:

Cat parents should always attach or make their cats wear a collar with an ID tag. The tag must hold your name, address, and telephone number. In case your cat strays into someone else’s home, they can reach out to you and save you from the mini scare you might have received.


It goes without saying that cats are active in general. They love to play a lot! That is why cat parents who are equipped with a bunch of toys, can keep their cats entertained and happy. Always make sure to examine the toys before giving them to your cats to make sure they are safe.

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