If you are at a stage where you are considering adopting a cat as a pet for your family, then tabby cats may be the answer. One of the facts about tabby cats people know is that they are affectionate and friendly which means that they are great for families. Read on to find out all you need to know about this particular type.

9 Facts About Tabby Cats

1: Their Coat is What Differentiates Them

Many pet-owners will refer to their cats as tabby cats without understanding its significance. Basically, tabby cats refer to a certain pattern on the coat that is commonly seen in wild and domestic cats. Tabby kittens may have swirls, stripes, and spots of color on their coat. That is the most important way they can be differentiated.

A good thing about tabby cat kittens is that they are not a breed. They are actually the type that is in almost every cat breed. They are considered ‘’tabby’’ because of the pattern on their coats.

2: They have an ‘M’ on Their Forehead

Another fact about tabby cats to know is that they have an M on their forehead. This is usually visible or it may be covered with fur. They also like to have stripes across their cheeks.

If you are thinking of having one as a pet in your home, then you can find them in a variety of hues including black, white, blue, red, lavender, sable, chocolate, fawn, and cream.

3: Their Genetics

It is a good thing to know that all domestic cats carry the tabby cat gene. The reason is because of their genetics which can be traced back to the wild cats of a previous era. The brown tabby kittens have genetics that includes the African Wildcat, Asiatic Wildcat, and the European Wildcat. Being of extremely diverse genetics, many coat patterns can be seen across the world.

4: About Their Personality

Did you know that tabby kittens’ personality depends a lot on their owners? That’s right. The kind of love and affection you show your pet will decide the personality. Maybe not all of it, but a huge part of its personality is dependent on yours. The deeper the owner has an attachment to its feline companion, the more affectionate and friendly it usually is. That is why it is a good thing to know that the more love you show towards your kitten, the more love you will receive.

A question that often gets asked about tabby kittens‘ personalities is whether they are friendly. Well, the answer is yes. 

Now we don’t know why tabby cats are so friendly, but it can be attributed to their love for family. You will be happy to know that facts about tabby cats are most often described by their cat-parents as affectionate and friendly. So if you are considering one of them as your pet at home, then you will probably be happy with their nature and personality.

They are also described as highly intelligent, curious, and playful. This usually means that kids will enjoy bonding and playing with them. So if you are wondering whether to look at tabby cats or kittens for your children, then it can be a good choice for the whole family.

5: Personality May Depend on Many Factors

Does your child insist on you buying her a brown tabby kitten? Well, the thing to understand here is that though most of these cats are friendly, the ultimate personality depends on many factors including any trauma they may have suffered from or their living conditions. So it is necessary that you buy from a reputed seller who can guarantee cats that are not just of a particular variety of coat, but also that they have a good personality.

6: The Kind of Pet They Can be

When looking at facts about tabby cats it is often the goal to decide on a pet. You will be happy to know that their sociable and friendly temperament makes them a good pet for your home. Yes, they are playful but it is also true that they can be moody at times. However, the good news is that they are not known for being prone to attacking so little children are safe around them. If you treat it well, you can expect a good and well-behaved member of the family in a tabby cat.

It is important to take care of their food and mealtimes. Because of their lovable personality, one often finds that tabby cats are fed more than they need. So even if they are not prone to being overweight, they do gain weight with age. So make sure you give your cat only the food they need and keep treats to a rarity.

Another fun tabby cat facts are that they love naps and their naps can be long if they are not disturbed. So let them take their naps but also make sure that they get some sort of exercise once in a while. This will keep them from getting overweight.

Tabbies are also good and patient with children and will get along with any other pet you may have, including birds or other animals. So if you have another pet in your home, tabby cats will usually have no trouble with them as long as they have their own separate spaces. It is often a problem when someone already has other pets in the house and is worried whether a new one will cause problems in the equation, but not with tabby cats.

7: Buying from a Reputed Seller

The importance of buying brown tabby kittens from a reputed seller cannot be ignored. If you are buying a pet for the first time, you must buy from a high-quality seller who only sells pets that are the best in temperament. You don’t want to take a pet home that is disagreeable and does not merge well with the ambiance of your home. Tabby cats are one of the most popular cats that people love around the world. They are wonderful as pets and they can do the atmosphere of your home a world of good with their friendly and happy nature. You will love having them in your house as they play with family members and enjoy themselves.

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