The four-limbed furry feline friends come in endless varieties, from short to long-haired and tuxedo tabby. Cats for sale in UAE can be your child’s companions. They are easy-going and friendly. Thus, bringing a cat home is an excellent decision one can make.

And if you consider yourself a true cat parent, you would love to welcome all of them to your house. Here are the fan-favourite cat breeds one can find in the UAE. Before selecting your favourite breed from cats for sale in UAE, ensure you know their traits appropriately.

1 British Shorthair

The first cat breed in this list is the British Shorthair – a pedigreed version of traditional British domestic cats. It features a stocky body, broad face, and dense coat. You would find it affectionate and gentle for households. With children, they are extremely easy to go. Given their friendly temperament, they can also get along with your dog too. It lives a long life, probably 20 years.

The most fan-favourite colour is British Blue. It features a grey-blue coat, a medium-sized tail, and orange eyes. This breed gets developed in different other colours & patterns, such as colourpoint and tabby. If you want to get an American Shorthair, learn more about American shorthair kitten prices.

2 Siberian Cats

Also referred to as Moscow Longhairs or Siberian Forest cats, they are medium to large creatures. This large breed is semi-longhair. They are funny, adventurous, and strong. With easy-to-go personalities, they can be an excellent fit for a joint family. They have inquisitive eyes and strong hind legs.

From exquisite neck ruff to tufted ears and bushy tail, their most striking attribute is their three-layered, thick coat. It comprises coarse & straight guard hairs, wavy and thin awn hairs, and a soft undercoat.

3 Maine Coon

If you’re looking for a large domestic cat breed, the Maine coon is the right fit. It is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. These felines are long-haired and intelligent breeds and are popular as gentle giants. Known for their dense coat and size, they can survive in the harsh climate of Maine.

Behaviour-wise, they are sweet and possess above-average intelligence. That is what makes them quite easy to train. Besides being loyal, they are extremely playful. If you want to adopt this furry, friendly, and intelligent breed in the UAE, now is the time to search for it.

4 Persian Cat

Featuring short necks and thick legs, Persian cats are another popular breed in the UAE. If you are planning to welcome a Persian cat home, it is time to learn about the features and traits. Describing a Persian kitten’s looks is ineffable, for they are extremely good-looking. Their body is short, but they feature thick legs and neck. They have small ears & a short tail.

With a large and rounded head and round eyes, they can grab your attention. They are placid, exhibiting bursts of kitten-like activities. Living with such a cat breed is an excellent feeling. The only thing you would require attending is their regular exercise regimen and nutrition.

5 Bengal Cats

You might think that Bengal cats are wild and pretending as domesticated. However, unless you get along with such a breed, you would never know how sweet and loving they can be with their masters.

This breed is large and athletic and requires staying contended by running, jumping, and romping. You can discover the traits of a curious cat by adopting a Bengal four-limbed furry feline.

6 Tabby

As a new prospective cat parent, adopting a four-limbed feline can be a confusing affair. That is why owning a Tabby can make a lot of sense. They have an M-shaped marking on the forehead with stripes around their body.

According to their life expectancy, they can live up to 15 to 20 years. Just like human beings, their life span depends on their diet & physical activity. In a nutshell, giving your tabby cat proper food and lifestyle will make it live for more than 20 years.

7 Siamese

An immensely affectionate cat, Siamese loves to be around their owners. This breed enjoys playing fetch and throwing or catching toys. If you are planning to adopt one, always make time to interact with your pet. A Siamese cat would love it when it finds its owner to interact with them. In general, they love to get companionship and love.

Considering their life expectancy, they can contribute their love to you for 9 to 13 years. In addition, there are different shades to choose from. They include blue, black, champagne, brown, chocolate, chestnut, cream, cinnamon, frost, fawn, platinum, lavender, seal, red, and white.

8 Scottish Fold

Are you looking for the best cat breeds in UAE? If yes, consider Scottish Fold and learn about the traits. Their head is round, and they have folded ears. Eyes are clear, bright, and round in shape. Their legs appear round, and so does the tail when compared to the length. cats for sale in UAE

Since they feature a short coat, their maintenance is also easy and affordable. But if you plan to choose a longer coated version, remember that they will vary slightly in their texture.

9 Exotic Shorthair

Although finding an Exotic Shorthair in the UAE might be difficult, you can still try and get one. They enjoy playing fetch, catch or throw toys. They love to communicate with humans and receive love and companionship. Conduct an insightful survey to know the exotic shorthair kitten’s price.

This strongly-built, medium-sized, and muscled breed meets all criteria designed for the Persian parent breed. Their head is broad and oval, and their cheeks are full. That gives their face a pushed-in appearance. Behavioural-wise, they are calm and gentle. Surprisingly, they can become extremely energetic and playful at times.

10 Abyssinian Cats

A cat lover always wants their furry animal to be gorgeous, intelligent, affectionate, and athletic. All these features best describe this breed: Abyssinian cats. They thrive on your attention, especially in the forms of petting and grooming. They are friendly to children as well as dogs.

Usually, they might get jealous of other cats in the house. So, if you are planning to adopt an Abyssinian cat, make sure you have no other cats in the house. Their life expectancy is around 9 to 14 years.

Now that you have learned the top 10 cat breeds to get in the UAE, allow us to guide you accordingly. At Camlist, we are here to assist you with amazing deals on cats and kittens. Select one of the cats and kittens for sale in the UAE from us.

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