Types of dogs and breeds

As an aspiring dog owner, the most important part of choosing your perfect furry friend is understanding how unique and compatible each of them is. Finding the types of dog breeds that best fits your personality can easily make or break your career as a future dog-parent. And, if you’ve already adopted a few companions, it can also help you determine how well a new addition will get along with their family.

Regardless of the reason you’ve decided on this journey, this list of the major types of dogs will certainly help you find a breed that checks all the right boxes!

1. The Curious Puppers

Our top picks for introverts and homely folks come from the most laid-back of the canine population. But don’t let their meekness deceive you – these types of dogs are every bit as investigative and thoughtful as you. To find yourself the perfect cuddly partner to endure your hour-long rants, consider Chow Chows, Chinese Shar Peis, or Lhasa Apsos. These dog-types are sensitive, self-sufficient, and are always in-tune with your feelings making them the best listeners you’ll ever find!

Chow Chow is one of the Curious Pupper types of dog breeds

2. The Social Butterflies

Long walks in the park, trips to the supermarket, wild road-trips with friends, you name it – these precious, four-legged pals will be the life of the party! These types of dogs are very sociable, always active, and thrive on attention. So, if constantly meeting new people or reading Snoopy comics on the web is your thing, consider finding yourself a wonderful Beagle, English Foxhound, Harrier, or even a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

The beagle is one of the Social Butterfly types of dog breeds

3. The Lively Adventurers

If you’re a constant thrill-seeker with a thirst for outdoor activities and are looking for a companion on your next journey, look no further – these types of dogs will be with you every step of the way. Coming at you with boundless energy are the Welsh Corgis, Poms, Dachshunds, and Roosevelt Terriers who share your love for adventure and fun. You can always rely on these smart and playful puppers to spice up your enthusiasm any time of the day. An extrovert’s absolute delight!

Dachshund dog breed

4. The Sworn Protectors

Maybe you’re looking for a reliable right-hand man to loyally stand by your side no matter what. Well, guardian dog-types such as the Tibetan Mastiff and Siberian Husky have been reared over many centuries to defend their owner from all kinds of danger. Although generally well-tempered, they have an innate ability to switch on their predatory instincts at the sight of strangers and intruders. Similar types of dogs in this category include Maltese, Papillon, and most breeds of Retriever.

5. The Family Packages

And finally, we have the all-rounders. The Cocker Spaniel, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and nearly all Retriever breeds are the types of dogs you can expect the whole family to get along with while still being looked after. These comfortable canines are easy to rear and even easier to please! All they ever ask for in return is your sincere affection. Not just man’s, but truly the whole family’s best friend!

No matter what your lifestyle or personality calls for, there’s always a fluffy friend for you. To find out where you can adopt these types of dog breeds and other adorable canines, check out their availability on Camlist today!

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