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Top 10 Facts about English Bulldogs You Must Know

The English Bulldog, also called the British Bulldog, is a famous dog breed. The breed has a massive fan following among pet parents across the globe. Among various dog breeds, English bulldog puppies are in high demand. The English Bulldog weighs around 40–50 pounds for both males and females. The average lifetime of the English … read more

Top Facts About German Shepherd Puppies

The German Shepherd is a beautiful breed of dog. Big brown eyes, beautiful fur, and a robust build give them the appearance of a real-life teddy bear, combined with a lovely character, these traits make for a dog that seems like a dream come true. While a German Shepherd puppy could be the perfect addition … read more

Facts About Golden Retriever Puppies

Always one of the most popular dog breeds, Golden Retriever puppies are gorgeous, energetic, and loyal companions.   If you’ve ever had a Golden Retriever, you’re likely familiar with the breed’s sweet demeanor and loyalty. These amusing facts about the Golden Retriever may surprise you, so test your knowledge of this furry friend! The Golden … read more

10 Most Popular Cat Breeds in the UAE

The four-limbed furry feline friends come in endless varieties, from short to long-haired and tuxedo tabby. Cats for sale in UAE can be your child’s companions. They are easy-going and friendly. Thus, bringing a cat home is an excellent decision one can make. And if you consider yourself a true cat parent, you would love … read more

Dog breeds suited for apartments in the UAE

Do you live in an apartment in the UAE? It is absolutely possible to have a dog if you do. Several breeds are perfect for those who live in apartments. Living in a comparatively compact space does not mean that you can’t look at puppies and dogs for sale in UAE. Dogs are known as … read more

Large Dog Breeds in the UK

Adopting a dog for the first time is difficult. But what’s more difficult is raising a breed that’s not fit for a family. So, you’ve already spent days trying to convince your parents to take on the role of the full-time dog guardian. And now that they have accepted your decision, it’s time to take … read more

Small Dog Breeds in the UK

Whether you want to bring home a four-limbed puppy in your house, taming one has unique challenges. Adopting a pet isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. But if you have decided to adopt popular small breed dogs, here’s respecting your decision. Although bringing a small dog breeds home has many benefits, you must learn some … read more

UK’s Favorite Dog Breeds

Christmas is approaching and we all know what that means – it is the season of giving! And we understand that you and your pet-loving family may be looking to bring home an adorable little furry companion. But deciding dog breeds on a whim this way can at times seem very daunting. What do I … read more

Cat breeds

UK’s Popular Cat breeds

Cats are notorious for being an acquired taste. And if you’re part of the group that doesn’t understand why that is, you can safely call yourself a certifiable cat connoisseur. Regardless of whether you’re inclined towards a particular breed or the whole lot of them, we come to you with a list of the most … read more

Types of dogs and breeds

Types of Dog Breeds

As an aspiring dog owner, the most important part of choosing your perfect furry friend is understanding how unique and compatible each of them is. Finding the types of dog breeds that best fits your personality can easily make or break your career as a future dog-parent. And, if you’ve already adopted a few companions, … read more