Do you live in an apartment in the UAE? It is absolutely possible to have a dog if you do. Several breeds are perfect for those who live in apartments. Living in a comparatively compact space does not mean that you can’t look at puppies and dogs for sale in UAE.

Dogs are known as man’s best friends. Having a dog at home can be just the thing you need. Choosing the correct breed is however of importance if you live in an apartment. Let’s look at some dog breeds and why they are right for apartment-dwellers.

1.   Affenpinscher

This is a feisty little breed that has a lot of energy and character. They are great for apartments. If you choose the Affenpinscher, make sure to provide ample socialization opportunities. This can be simple as calling people over or taking them to other people’s houses, or parks. Affenpinschers may not be a perfect choice if you have young kids at home.

2.   Poodles

This is one of the best-selling breeds when it comes to pets for sale in the UAE because these dogs are perfect for apartments. Choose one according to the size of your apartment and the kind of space you have. Also, poodles are easy to train if you are consistent, and they have medium energy. Poodles are also an intelligent and obedient breed.

3.   Italian Greyhound

For lovers of smaller puppies and dogs, this breed is a good choice. They are a smaller version of the Greyhound and have medium energy. They are loving and always in the mood for a cuddle. You will love taking them out for a jog once in a while.

4.   Maltese

This is a delightful breed that apartment-dwellers in the UAE are going to love. Malteses are gentle and very loving and you will love having them around in your home. This breed can be a good choice if you have toddlers and children at home. They do not bark a lot either. They only require a little exercise every day. You too will enjoy taking them out for a walk around the block and spending some time in the open air. This affectionate breed is known for being a huge favorite with children of all ages.

5.   German Shephard

While this is a bigger breed, they can be a good choice if you have a big apartment. This breed looks large but can be gentle if trained well. Make sure that the training starts early and is consistent. Just make sure to give them a lot of exercise including walks, runs, and playtime.

6.   Huskies

The Husky puppies breed is another perfect example of what you need if you live in an apartment. If you love the breed, try and get one from your local pet store and enjoy its company at home.

7.   Bolognese

Another lovely breed for apartment owners is this one. Do you want to know what is the best thing about this breed? Well, the Bolognese is a happy, patient, and loving dog. People love them for their nature and also the fact that they are cute-looking pets to have at home. Yes, training them to live in your home can prove to be a bit difficult, but as long as you are consistent in the training routine, you will be successful. The Bolognese is a naturally happy breed that enjoys living with a family and being a companion to both children and adults. 

8.   Bichon Frise

If you are looking for puppies and dogs for sale in the UAE, make sure to conside this breed. Often mistakenly called a poodle, it is a completely different breed though this breed may look a bit similar. The Bichon Frise is in fact a great choice if you or someone in your family has allergies. They are very sensitive dogs, so they need time with family, indoor games, and walks in the open area. Choose them just if you have the time for them because they do not like being left alone. They are ideal for apartments due to their small size.

9.   Basset Hound

Live in an apartment in the UAE and somewhat lazy? Then this breed can be a great choice. Look for pets for sale in the UAE of this breed if you enjoy laidback time with the family at home. The only problem pet parents have with this breed is a tendency to drool but that too can be trained out. Try to take them for a long walk once a day to give them the exercise they need to stay fit and healthy for years.

10.   Golden Retrievers

The most popular breed you can go for if you live in an apartment in the UAE is Golden retriever puppies and dogs. They are not just beautiful but they are also wonderful playmates for children. They can be a good companion to have at the home and they are known to listen to commands. Ensure that you get them the required exercise every day. Take them outside for walks and let them play, and they are going to be happy campers.

Tips to Have a Dog in the Apartment

  •  When looking at puppies and dogs for sale available near you, it is important to make sure that you actually look at the apartment clauses. Your apartment building in UAE should actually allow pets. You don’t want to get a pet and then not be allowed to keep it.
  • Have the right space in your apartment for your dog. it can be simply a basket with a rug on it. they are going to enjoy having their own space and will acclimatize to your home more quickly.
  • No matter what breed of dog you choose, try and give them some exercise every day. Take them for a short walk if that is all you can manage.
  • Train them as soon as you get your pet. This will ensure that they have fewer accidents and you have lesser messes to clean up.
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