Adopting a dog for the first time is difficult. But what’s more difficult is raising a breed that’s not fit for a family. So, you’ve already spent days trying to convince your parents to take on the role of the full-time dog guardian. And now that they have accepted your decision, it’s time to take your survey to a whole new level.

Bringing home a large English large dog breeds pup is not completely an emotional decision. You also require taking into consideration certain practical aspects like:

• Whether you have enough time to spend with your four-limbed best friend

• Whether you can afford the expense of raising a dog

• Whether you have a spacious house

Welcoming a new member to the family is a huge commitment. And unless you are certain about these parameters, it’s safer not to adopt a pet.

As a beginner, if you are confident in taking responsibility for a pet, read on. Now that you have already made this compassionate decision, here’s where to begin. Follow these things to choose a puppy of large dog breeds in the UK.

Things To Learn Before Bringing A Family Puppy Home

Ensure to offer a comfortable environment to your puppy by performing these essentials:

• Make Your Space Ready

Welcome the puppy home by letting your family members know about certain responsibilities. Now that your family is ready to accept the dog, you need to make them familiar with duties. Feeding, training, and walking are the most important things to perform. Your house should also have a dog-free area where they may retreat. It must offer them a way to acclimate to the excitement of visiting a new place.

• Get Everything To Make Your Puppy Feel Comfortable And Safe

When the pet comes to a new place, it must feel secure and comfortable. So, it’s important to gather their essentials. Ensure you include a collar, water bottles, a leash, and water & food bowls. Additionally, you also need to buy a bed, treats, toys, and a grooming kit. It’s also imperative to get an enzymatic cleaner and some training pads.

• Allocate A Secure Space For Your Pet

Just like other family members, your pet also needs a private space. A few pet parents don’t prefer dog crates. But surveys suggest that small or large family dogs see them as their personalized room to rest. They act as an abode to feel more secure.

Alternatively, you may even use a pet gate instead. Visit them there and develop your bonding with the pet. During your bonding process, you must keep kids and other pets away from here.

• Explore The Garden On Leash

It would help if you had ample space and time to raise your furry animal home. Designate a corner for your dog to defecate if you have a yard.

One quick note: While roaming around the yard, make sure to use the leash during your bonding process.

• Introducing Your Family Members

It is best recommendable to bring your family members and others one at a time. Keep others away while you introduce the pup to people one at a time. Supervise the interactions and make sure you have the right preparations if anything goes wrong.

Remember, a terrific introduction causes them to become more territorial with new arrivals. Restrain kids from hugging or kissing the pet on the first day. However, don’t stop them from making friends with a treat and a sniff.

• Switch Dog’s Food Gradually

During the initial stage, incorporating the food that the breeder used to feed them is mandatory. However, as your four-limbed best friend becomes habituated to your house’s environment, it’s time to switch the dog food.
Make it gradually because changing their food habits may not be a good decision. Serve him the right foods to avoid any digestion issues. Foods that are dangerous when included in a dog’s diet chart are:

  • Chocolate
  • Raisins or grapes
  • Milk (a sheer NO)
  • Caffeine
  • Sugary drinks and foods
  • Avocados
  • Nuts and more
  • They can have foods like carrots, apples, fish, meat, white rice, peanut butter, etc.

• Training Should be From Day 1

Even adult housebroken dogs require house training. And if you plan to crate train the pet, the first thing is to introduce him to the crate right away. Practice leaving the puppy with the toys for shorter timeframes. While doing so, step out of your house and let him acclimate. For formal obedience training, start working with them to establish rules from the very first day.

• Never Neglect Taking The Dog To A Vet

Your pet should get introduced to a veterinarian from the very first week. Visit the vet for a health check-up. Adopting a dog is a huge transition for both the family and the dog.

Things To Buy For Your Puppy

Isn’t welcoming your new family member with a gift basket a wonderful idea? If yes, here is a list of a few items you can buy for your new puppy to keep it engaged and offer comfort and warmth.

Puppy Crates

Crates are ideal for puppies. Regardless of their breed, all puppies grow. If you have a Great Dane puppy, it would grow into an adult multiplying its size exponentially. For all popular large dog breeds, crates are the best choice. A big kennel would be too big for those little ones, and a small space would be too confining. Creates offer comfort and warmth. Cover your pup with a light blanket when it sleeps in the crate for additional comfort.

Puppy Toys

Puppy toys are a must-buy for your new family member. Pups love to play with balls, teething chews, and more. Check the quality of the toys before buying them. Puppies grow playing. Their survival skills develop during these play times. Opt for non-toxic, good-quality puppy toys to keep your puppy happy and healthy.

Puppy Food

Purchase puppy food depending on the age and breed of the little one. Before you bring your puppy home, make sure to fill its food supply. Puppies feel hungry quite often. Hence, you should always have enough goof stored in the closet to help your pup grow. You will find several varieties of nutritious dog food and puppy food in the market. Consider consulting a vet before buying the food.

Collar/Name Tag

If you have decided on the name of the puppy, get a name tag. A collar printed with the name is also an excellent choice. The market has a wide variety of collars and name tags for large family dogs and puppies. Choose one based on your preference and the large dog breeds.

Covering the basics will help your pet feel safe & secure in the surrounding. In this manner, you can make it easier to bond with the new child-friendly and affectionate pal. If you’re ready to adopt a furry friend, it’s time to select popular large dog breeds from us at Camlist.

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