The English Bulldog, also called the British Bulldog, is a famous dog breed. The breed has a massive fan following among pet parents across the globe. Among various dog breeds, English bulldog puppies are in high demand.

The English Bulldog weighs around 40–50 pounds for both males and females. The average lifetime of the English Bulldog is around 10 years. They are mostly calm and need weekly grooming.  

Here are top facts about the English Bulldog you must know: 

A Guinness Book of World Records Holder

Tillman, one of the bulldog puppies, created history when it entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 2009 at the X Games XV in California, the US. This Bulldog crossed 100 meters on a skateboard in just 19.68 seconds, which is still a world record. Tillman also appeared on various TV shows becoming one of the rarest dog breeds to hold that distinction. 

Bulldogs Breathe Noisily

This particular dog breed is brachycephalic. It means Bulldogs are known for their noisy breathing and snorting. Among dog breeds, only Bulldogs are brachycephalic. However, Shih Tzu and the Pug also make heavy noises. 

Famous Pet Parents

Bulldogs continue to win the hearts of people. Today, the demand for English bulldogs for sale is growing all over the world. Proud pet parents affectionately show their pets to the world. Some of the notable pet owners are President William G Harding, President Calvin Coolidge, Actor Adam Sandler, and Nobel Laureate Winston Churchill. 

In Popular Culture

The term British Bulldog has its use in different connotations too. You may have come across the term British Bulldog Spirit. It refers to a person’s unrelenting courage and firm determination to do something unique in life. During the infamous world war era, Bulldog appeared on several propaganda posters, representing the unrelenting spirit of the UK. 

The Sports of Bull Baiting

The English Bulldog is often considered one of the fiercest yet calm creatures. They were an active part of the sports, bull baiting, in medieval England.

In Middle Ages, specially-trained dogs were unleashed to take on a bull. The winner of Bull baiting sports was adjudged based on who killed whom. The results were obvious! Fiery bulldogs were able to fasten their teeth in the bull’s snout and were declared winners. However, the sport is no longer organised and irrelevant in the current era.  

The British Bulldog Is A Friend Indeed

As mentioned above, the British Bulldog likes to stay calm and cool. They are not aggressive but not too friendly either. If they first meet a stranger, they will sniff him or her out. When they feel that the stranger is harmless, they will move away. 

They are a bit ambiverted as they make friends and be sociable with you after a lot of consideration. Bulldogs take ample time before they start believing somebody. But once they do, you can expect a lifelong friendship with them. If you check out the English bulldog price, the figure would be high. It just shows the kind of confidence of the pet parents. 

You need to win the confidence and trust of your bulldog pup. They can be your true friend if they start enjoying your company. Once you befriend a bulldog, the relationship will last long for a long time. Both you and the pup can watch a movie, go to a market, sleep, and cuddle each other and whatnot! 

Stay Away From Water

British Bulldogs are not great swimmers. If you have a swimming pool facility in your house or residential property, make sure that your Bulldog stays away from water. The breed can’t swim well and are afraid of water. You need to stay cautious if your short-legged buddy moves around water. 

Sleep For Long Duration

Believe it or not, the English Bulldogs love sleeping. They can stay asleep easily for 9–10 hours without any interruptions. Also, they can easily fall asleep if they don’t find anything interesting. 

You can also arrange a daily workout training session for your pup under a special trainer. They only need as little as half an hour per day to work out and stay in shape. However, it’s difficult to let your pup indulge in a workout session. That’s when you have to be proactive and innovative in your approach. 

For example, you can appoint a dog trainer to do the needful. The trainer can arrange a special game like ‘fetch’ to help your pup move. Here, you have to throw the ball far away and ask your dog to bring that to you. A certified dog trainer can help you more with it. 

Ideal Choice for New Pet Parent

If you want to bring a new four-legged small friend to your home, buy an English bulldog puppy. It can be a great step towards becoming a proud pet parent. The first-time dog owner should consider English Bulldogs as they are relatively more sombre and quiet. 

Bulldogs can easily adapt to a given circumstance or situation. If they see you active, they will also imitate the same. But if you tend to stay inactive in front of your pup, they will love that even more. Bulldogs love spending time staying asleep for a long duration. 

Easy-going and Independent

The English Bulldogs are self-sufficient and independent. They are affectionate, stress-free, and easy-going. If left unperturbed, they can sleep for long hours without causing any inconvenience to others. If your work for long hours at the office or outside your home, you can pet a bulldog. 

They are cute, affectionate, and shy. A Bulldog won’t bark excessively as long as they don’t feel any immediate danger. You can keep them at your home unchained. They are not aggressive or attention seeker. Bulldogs are obedient and trainable. You can train them to sit, sleep, pee, run or walk properly under the expert supervision of a dog trainer. 

In Conclusion

The English Bulldogs are human’s best friends. If you want to be a proud pet parent, you can buy a British Bulldog. Whether you are active, adventurous, or laid-back, having a Bulldog at home can help you stay calm and relaxed. 

Being a proud pet owner can also keep you stress-free and happy. There is a direct relationship between happiness and cardiac health. The more you are happy, the more you can stay safe from cardiac diseases. 

So, who’s stopping you from bringing a little buddy to your home? Buy a British Bulldog pup from Camlist at its best buy price today. While buying a bulldog, you shouldn’t miss out on reading the above article for help. 

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