Planning to adopt a kitten? Well, if you are considering British Shorthair as a breed, this article will tell you a lot about them. If you have been looking at British Shorthair kittens for Sale, it is a good idea to know as much about them as possible before you buy one. You do want a pet you wouldn’t be able to care for or love as much as possible. So here are some interesting things to know about this cat breed.

Top Facts to Know

1: They are Great as a Pet

Most people want a pet that would love to be one. If that is the case with you. Start looking at British Shorthair kitten prices because they are great. They are pretty easy going and this works out for people who don’t want to do a lot of work. They are also pretty adorable to look at which is a plus point. You won’t have to worry about having an animal that does not want to be home with you. They are perfect!

Also, this breed has the most adorable kittens. It is always best to buy a kitten rather than a grown cat and this breed has easy-train kittens. They are pliable and will understand what you are teaching, as long as you are patient.

2: Buy from a Reputable Source

This is of unbelievable importance. You must get your kitten from a registered reputed seller. When you buy yours from a good breeder, you may have to pay a little extra money, but there are a lot of beginner things that they will have taken care of. Things like vaccinations, neutering, and tests will already have been done so you can buy with full confidence.

Another great reason to not buy from an unscrupulous breeder is that they are not good at treating the animals they sell well. This can mean trust issues in the animals they try to sell. You want a pet who does not have any previous trauma or abuse in their life. The American Shorthair kitten price may look more from a reputed seller but it is going to be worth it!

3: Long Life

The life of this breed is long. You can find a kitten that will live for the next 20 years. This is lovely because it will be there for more than two decades! If you are someone who has lost a pet before to death, this can be comforting to know that this breed will live for so many years. Long and healthy life is usually not an issue for the Shorthair kittens for sale you may be looking at. As long as you give them a sensible diet and give them exercise and stimulation, they will live a good life giving you and your family many years of joy.

4: Not Many Health Problems

You should also consider buying a kitten online of this breed because it does not suffer from many health problems. Not only does this breed enjoy a usually long life, but they also suffer from very few health issues. So fewer visits to the vet are in order if you choose it.

5: Are They Friendly?

When looking at kittens for sale in, understanding whether a breed is friendly or not is super-important. The good news is that they are known for being friendly and low-energy at that. They are also not violent or destructive. It means you will not have to return home to a huge mess your pet made! After they are past their kitten age, they become calm and are great for the family. When you buy this breed for yourself, make sure you spend some time bonding with it. They are friendly when they bond and they are likely to move from one room to the next following their favorite person in the family. However, they do not enjoy sitting on their lap or being held.

If you know your home will be empty for some hours every day, you will love this breed because they value their alone time. If you have another pet, this cat will easily bond with it and co-live without many issues.

6: They can Grow Large

When you are looking for kittens for sale in, you must be told that this breed can grow to be quite large. It is in their genes so taking care of your pet’s diet is necessary. Don’t give yours too many treats or it can become overweight. It is already a low-energy breed so it is best to keep its meals under control so it does not put on a lot of weight.

Yes, cats are lovely to cuddle with, but don’t let yours become too overweight. Give it some exercise as much as possible.  Also, don’t free-feed them. Instead have their meals made out in portions so that their weight is kept under control. Try and play games with yours as much as possible. They enjoy games with mental stimulation and you may find yourself being surprised by their intelligence.

Why You Should Buy One?

Now that your search for kittens for sale in has started, it is time to a good thing to decide on a breed and this one is perfect. If you go out to work every day, and your family to have a life outside the home, know that this cat is going to give you the least amount of trouble while alone. If you have other pets at your home like a parrot or a dog, this cat is good for that as well. With almost no health problems, the British Shorthair kittens for sale are the right choice for most families.

Let’s not forget the fact that these cats are extremely cute to look at. Being cuddly, it is easy to find yourself wanting to hold them after a long day. But you must spend time finding a reputed seller who is going to help you find a breed that is good for your home and lifestyle. If you have children at home, you want to find something they are going to love. And this one wins on many counts. It is a lovely breed to have at home. Find British or American Shorthair kitten prices within your budget and you will be surprised to find you can easily afford one. 

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