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Top 10 Facts about English Bulldogs You Must Know

The English Bulldog, also called the British Bulldog, is a famous dog breed. The breed has a massive fan following among pet parents across the globe. Among various dog breeds, English bulldog puppies are in high demand. The English Bulldog weighs around 40–50 pounds for both males and females. The average lifetime of the English … read more

Facts about Tabby Cats You Must Know

If you are at a stage where you are considering adopting a cat as a pet for your family, then tabby cats may be the answer. One of the facts about tabby cats people know is that they are affectionate and friendly which means that they are great for families. Read on to find out … read more

5 Supplies Every Cat Parent Needs

Being a cat parent is one of the most fun and fulfilling experiences one can hope for. If you’re going to be a cat parent, or are one already, here are 5 accessories and supplies that we think are a must-have! A Cat Parent Cat Carrier: As a cat parent, you will need to have … read more