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Their elegance, exotic-looking coat, green eyes, and large ears make the Bengal cats resemble a tiger. Regardless of their pattern and color, they win high praise amongst young and enthusiastic adults who want to tame stray animals. They have an excellent outgoing personality and love to play! Their inquisitive nature and adaptable behavior make them the number one choice as a pet for children.

So, if you’re looking to rehome, you would always want to consider a Bengal kitten – would you not? Now that you are wondering where to begin your survey, let’s take a close look at the three important facts about Bengali cats. This post narrates all about Bengal cats.

They Make Great House Pets

Bengal cats are an active and intelligent breed. Once they find something boring, they start venturing off to find something else. Blame it or thank their curious nature for it. They have a wild heritage, and thus they are also phenomenal fishers & efficient hunters too.

The best way to control this behavior is by exposing them to small animals. But remember, a professional trainer will teach you the strategies once you start taming your kitten.

Besides being territorial, they sometimes get nasty. And when they see you bringing another cat home after they get raised, their introductions with the new pet become hard. So, it’s better to get a pair right from the very first day.

According to the Bengal cat facts, they are consistent with their lifestyle and usually don’t prefer massive changes in the environment. So, for the times they feel stressed out, they must have a specific place to hide. On this note, you can consider having a cat tree, crate, or box.

Another reason why they make great house pets is because of their affectionate nature. They love the companionship of humans and like to play games too. As per Bengal facts, they are easily trainable, and teaching them commands (such as sit, stay and turn) is mostly straightforward.

But one must be careful because they also learn bad behaviors like turning the doorknobs, turning on faucets, flushing the toilet, etc. As a new owner, note that they are verbal. Whether you find it adorable or not, they love to meet, meow, and mew on all occasions.

They Have an Affinity for Water and Fish

These cats originated from crossbreeding domestic cats with the wild Asian leopard cat (jungle cat or small wildcat). That’s how this domestic animal with crazy and wild markings of Asian leopard cats got introduced.

A majority of Bengal kittens will have a sort of overriding obsession for water. And nothing unlike their ancestors, even they easily feel the urge of water. You will find them drinking the water by dripping their paw inside the bowl. Usually, they lick it off instead of drinking right away from a disk, unlike regular house cats.

Splashing the water from the bowl is one of their favorite activities because they somehow enjoy playing with water. Never let your cat enter the washroom while you take a shower. It would start interrupting you. They even love playing with running fountains or faucets.

Since they belong to Bengal, where people survive on fish, considering that they would not have an affinity for fish is itself a myth. One of the fun facts about Bengal cats is that they love consuming fish. So, before you bring this furry animal home, make doubly sure that your aquarium isn’t within reach of your four-limbed friend.
Otherwise, you would see their paws around it that aim at catching the goldfish!

They Have Variations in their Coat Type

Before you start raising a feral kitten, you must learn about the Bengal cat’s information regarding the coat type. Their coat colors include the following:

  • Snow (a cream-colored body having dark tan spots or marbling)
  • Brown (cool-brown or orange-brown with marbling or black spots)
  • Melanistic (black-color body having darker black spots)
  • Charcoal or charcoal brown (having a dark face mask & cape)
  • Silver (metallic-silver having black marbling or spots)

According to the Bengal cat facts, a unique feature is their coat. The snow variety has mink, sepia, or lynx point. Lynx point tends to be the lightest of this snow variety, with light markings on the nose and ears. The sepia one has a soft tan coloration having pronounced accents. The blue or melanistic breed is popular for its mascara (the horizontal striping lateral to their eyes) and eye color. Brown Bengals usually have golden or green eyes.

Now that you have learned the three important facts about Bengal kitten, it’s time to bring an energetic, affectionate, and playful friend home. Contact Camlist to buy Bengal cats for sale in cities like Machester, London, Oxford, and anywhere in the UK.

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