Preparing to adopt a pet is one thing but remaining a good pet parent is a whole different story. Once you’ve decided what, how, and from whom you’d like to adopt your furry friend, the next task is to understand the risks that come with raising them. Having said that, here are our top 3 pet safety tips to make your pet parenting easier:

1 Household hazards: Kicking off this list of pet safety tips is the obvious – things around the house that are dangerous for your pet. Loads of common items that you might think nothing of can be potentially harmful to your pet such as vases (when broken), utensils (on the floor), open sockets, and so on. It is important to keep your pet’s environment free of these and other hazards.

2 Swallowing hazards: It’s no debate that young puppies and kittens love to chew on everything they can find. One of the most important pet safety tips that we can give you is to avoid keeping objects of this nature within the reach of your pets. This can include glass/marble decorative beads, small rubber ornaments, etc.

3 Controlled environment: We’ve included this on the list of pet safety tips just to cover all bases. Understanding the environment required by your pet, in particular, can be crucial to their survival. This is particularly important if you own any exotic pets such as those not accustomed to your current climate. Adjusting the ambiance of the room (temperature, ventilation, etc.) in this case can help ease their growth.

These are 3 tips aim to cover most of what it means to keep your pets healthy as generally as possible. So use these pet safety tips wisely and be sure to check out Camlist to adopt your very own pet today!

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