DWKC Register.  Learn how to get your puppy his pedigree.

The DWKC – short for Dog World Kennel Club – is the first club in the world to register dogs in their genuine colours. They do not feel that colours are a passing fad. We feel that colours will be around for a long time, and DWKC is able to give people the proper documentation for their dogs.

What does DWKC registered mean?

DWKC is the fastest-growing organisation in the UK and around the world dedicated to registering pedigrees for all breeds, all colours, and all crossbreeds of all dogs. You can now register your small puppies in their proper colours.

Not to mention, they also provide dog owners and others who work with dogs with education. Therefore, based on experience and guidance on DNA within dog breeding, in order to obtain the colours you want with perfect mating partners.

Moreover, they believe in quality first and DNA second, so why shouldn’t these dogs have the same privileges as normal colours when quality and health are present?

There are numerous respectable breeders with the greatest colour quality, and the DWKC can assist you to find these puppies.

How does one get a DWKC register? 

Anyone can join DWKC. However, in order to register your dogs or perform a change of ownership, you must first create an account. It is incredibly simple to open an account on their website.

Having access to your own account allows you to add dogs and change details at your leisure. Nonetheless, please be aware that Dog World Kennel Club reserves the right to disable any accounts without prior notice if they believe the information provided to open the account is incorrect.

How much does it cost to get DWKC papers?

The registration fee for a dog is £18.00, which includes a 3-generation pedigree and an ownership certificate.

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