Just as it is with raising kids, there are different ways and different styles to raise your puppy. But over time and with growing experiences from pet parents worldwide. There is some sort of a guideline starting to be formed on how to properly raise your puppy. These definitely aren’t the only ways to go about it. But are more advice on how to properly raise your puppy.

1 Spend time with them: Attention is one of the first rules in how to properly raise your puppy 101. Pet parents, animal behaviorists, and dog enthusiasts around the world. All agree on the importance of care and affection in raising your puppy. The longer you spend with your furball, the better he’ll grow emotionally.

2 Designate space: Teaching your puppy the difference between particular spaces (like the living room for playtime or the bedroom for nap time) is an important aspect of how to properly raise your puppy. By dividing up the living space into designated sections. You can help build tolerance, understanding, and spatial recognition in your pup from very early on.

3 Potty train them: Arguably the first thing people expect when you think ‘how to properly raise your puppy’ is potty training. Not only is this one of the most basic aspects of obedience training. But it will also familiarise your puppy with the way you teach them. This makes it easier for you to train them on other aspects of obedience, tricks, and so on.

4 Encourage and discourage: Learning when to say “yes” is equally as important as knowing when to say “no”. You encourage good behavior. By rewarding them positively and discouraging bad behavior (such as unprecedented biting or barking). By negative reinforcement (e.g., spraying with a water sprinkler).

5 Exercise: As cliche as it is, providing your puppy with loads of exercise will help immensely with their physical development while growing. This can be in the form of strict obstacle courses or using games.
Now that we’ve covered the bare bones of how to properly raise your puppy, you can personalize the rest according to the needs of your furry friend. And if you’re looking to test out any of these theories on a pet of your own. Check out the selections on Camlist today!

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