Spot a Good Breeder. Choosing to adopt a furry companion is a wonderful yet often complicated decision. Besides the obvious problems of choosing the right breed for you. Checking for health conditions, and filling your house with their favorite toys, there’s a lot that goes into pet adoption. Arguably the most important task is deciding on a good breeder.

As we’ve seen in earlier articles. There are a few obvious pointers to help you understand the main responsibilities of a breeder. But are there any tell-tale signs that always point towards a good breeder? Well, we’ve managed to summarise the answer in just 5 cautionary signs of a bad vs good breeder:

1 Meeting place: If a breeder asks to meet you anywhere except their home, you should always be wary. A good breeder has nothing to hide regarding how they raise their pets. They should have their companions living with them so they can properly take care of them. If your breeder asks to meet you at a store or a kennel where the animals are kept in cages. You should reconsider doing business with them.

2 Attention to detail: A good breeder will always maintain proper living conditions for his pets. Environment plays a huge role in the development of your furry friends – a responsibility that starts with their breeder. Always check that your breeder maintains a safe environment for his pets, handles them often, and does not neglect them.

3 Nuclear family: It is also important that the pets up for adoption are still living with their parents when you go to meet them. A good breeder knows not to separate an animal from its family so they do not develop separation issues. Such as a bad temper, anxiety, social awkwardness, etc

4 Ask for references: One obvious distinction between a good breeder and a bad one is their past clientele. When looking for a proper breeder. You should consider speaking to their previous customers to get an idea of who you’re doing business with. This will also tell you if they are legitimate or are just putting on a ruse that ends when you adopt your pet.

5 Responsibility and concern: Finally, a good breeder should always be willing to take back your adopted companion under circumstances where you are unable to care for them anymore. And even before you adopt them, your breeder should show genuine concern about where your new pet is heading – about their new living conditions, food habits, and so on.

This is definitely not an exhaustive list, but a good blueprint to keep in mind when looking for a good breeder. But if you’d like to avoid the trouble and adopt from breeders you know you can trust, come check us out at Camlist today!

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