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How does Camlist work

Are you looking for an innovative and convenient way to buy or sell pets? Look no further than Camlist. This article will help you how Camlist work and teaches you all about our features How does Camlist safety work? Camlist allows users to rehome pets from the comfort of their own homes, with a focus … read more

DWKC register

The DWKC – short for Dog World Kennel Club – is the first club in the world to register dogs in their genuine colours. They do not feel that colours are a passing fad. We feel that colours will be around for a long time, and DWKC is able to give people the proper documentation … read more

Pet Selling Site UK

Camlist is an excellent site to rehome your pet in the UK. Which offers a secure and simple platform for breeders to find buyers eager to provide a loving home for their animals. Camlist is easy to use, and provides various offers to buyers and breeders, which makes Camlist the best pet-selling site in the … read more

What is Camlist?

Camlist is a mobile marketplace app that allows you to buy & sell pets using short videos. Shoot a video, chat with buyers/sellers, pay, and leave reviews, all in one place. Why Camlist? Do you have a pet you want to offer for adoption or rehoming in a safe and secure manner? Are you looking … read more

Safety Tips When Raising Your Furry Friends

Preparing to adopt a pet is one thing but remaining a good pet parent is a whole different story. Once you’ve decided what, how, and from whom you’d like to adopt your furry friend, the next task is to understand the risks that come with raising them. Having said that, here are our top 3 … read more

How to Properly Raise Your Kitten

Properly raising your kitten is not an easy job, Here are tips that will help you make it easy. Learning how to properly raise your kitten is a tall order. Not only are they fragile and delicate when it comes to health. But they also oftentimes be fussy and disobedient when trying to get them … read more

How to Properly Raise Your Puppy

Just as it is with raising kids, there are different ways and different styles to raise your puppy. But over time and with growing experiences from pet parents worldwide. There is some sort of a guideline starting to be formed on how to properly raise your puppy. These definitely aren’t the only ways to go … read more

Understanding Your Pet’s Vaccination

Understanding Your Pet’s Vaccination. Vaccinations are an essential part of pet care. Although the guidelines for administration and general schedule are similar, canine and feline vaccinations tend to differ in some aspects. And since we’ve spoken about why pet vaccinations are necessary in the past, we’ll dive deeper into the components of pet vaccines in … read more

Adoption Checklist for Kittens

When it comes to adopting kittens, there is a wide range of things to consider. An adoption checklist for kittens is an ideal prerequisite to actually getting them home once you’ve decided. The following tips should merely serve as a guideline. For the main things to look out for before bringing your full friend home: … read more

Adoption Checklist for Puppies

If you’re reading this article about Adoption Checklist for Puppies, you’ve probably decided to adopt a fluffy doggy companion. And in the anxiety that follows it. You’re now wondering what you need to look out for before welcoming your new comrade to your home. Well, you’re lucky because we’ve just the list for you! Read … read more