When it comes to adopting kittens, there is a wide range of things to consider. An adoption checklist for kittens is an ideal prerequisite to actually getting them home once you’ve decided. The following tips should merely serve as a guideline. For the main things to look out for before bringing your full friend home:


1 Are you a cat person?: And we don’t mean preferentially, but more medically. The first priority on your adoption checklist for kittens. Should know whether you and your family will be able to handle having a cat around. Unlike dog allergies which are few and far between. Cat allergies are much harder to avoid because of their thick coats. So before you commit to anything, make sure that you can actually sustainably house a cat.

2 Lifestyle matching: Second on our adoption checklist for kittens. is knowing how to match your kitten breed to your lifestyle. A range of different breeds come with their special set of grooming and raising requirements. Before adopting a little one of your own. Be sure to find a breed that requires as much attention as you are available (e.g., avoid breeds that need constant grooming if you lead a busy lifestyle).

3 Family matters: Possibly the most important item on this adoption checklist for kittens is knowing if they’ll get along with your other pets. Unlike dogs or rabbits, cats are very choosy creatures. So, before you adopt a kitten, make sure that it will get along well with other pets that might already have.

4 Kitty essentials: Of course, what adoption checklist for kittens would be complete without addressing the essential costs that go into cat care. Make sure that your home is free of sharps, and has proper kitty bedding. Food bowls, litter boxes, grooming tools, and scratching posts/toys. You may also want to invest in a small carrier if you’re likely to carry your kitten around with you.

5 Find a vet: Just like with any other pet, an essential part of any adoption checklist for kittens should include a note to find pet care near you. Particularly when it comes to kittens, it is important to find vets with whom they can get along. Moreover, kittens are more vulnerable and more likely to contract diseases earlier in life which makes immediate medical attention that much more important.
You can add much more to this adoption checklist for kittens but it’s unlikely you’ll need to consider more than this before bringing your fluffy friend home. And if you’re convinced that you’re ready to welcome one home, check out Camlist to find your perfect choice today!

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