Is Camlist Safe

Is Camlist Safe? The answer is yes, Camlist is the safest way to rehome a pet.

For pet parents:

This article is focused on helping you with all the information needed before you look to bring home a pet. Here’s why Camlist is widely considered the safest way to rehome a pet.

Camlist ensures that all pet parents who are in search of their new furry friend, are 100% protected from scams. Thanks to the Camlist Buyer Protection Program.

The benefits of this program are as follows:

Safe Payments:

Any payment you make on the app goes to the seller’s Camlist balance. t is not released to their bank account until you confirm to Camlist that you have physically received your pet.

Your privacy is important and in safe hands:

You do not have to share your phone number or personal details with any seller (unless you want to) as Camlist has its in-built chat features to help you interact with the seller and view the pet safely via a video call.

The Camlist team is committed to your happiness and support:

If you need any support at any time. Just reach out and chat with the support team in the app. Through the support icon and the team will get it sorted. The support team also proactively ensures you’re having a safe experience. When you’re looking to proceed with the pet of your dreams.

If anything goes wrong, no worries at all!

You can claim a refund anytime you like as long as you haven’t physically received your pet, and you will get your money back. 

Once you’ve made the payment and you find yourself in either of the following situations, you can claim a refund:

  • The seller has not handed over the pet
  • The seller is dodging calls or messages after confirmation

Camlist is 100% committed to the protection of all pet parents and future pet parents from scams. Thanks to the Camlist Buyer Protection Program you can be sure that you will have a safe experience while you’re looking to bring home a pet through Camlist.

For breeders –

Every breeder wants to ensure that they are able to find the best homes for their pets in the safest way possible. That is why we also have a Seller Protection Program in place.

This program offers the following benefits:

Secure Payments:

Any payment you receive is 100% secure, final, and guaranteed to pass fraud and credit checks. Buyers are able to pay using their debit or credit cards. We will not let you hand over the pet before the payment has been received.


Camlist offers installments to all buyers on the app. You as the seller will receive the FULL amount from Camlist up-front, but buyers pay Camlist back in installments. 

Completely protected:

You do not have to share your phone number or personal details as Camlist has an in-built chat feature to help you interact with the buyer, conduct viewings over video calls, and receive payment safely within the app.

Customer support:

Our customer support team is very proactive and will ensure that you receive all the help you need in order to find the best homes for all your pets.

Camlist’s Payment Options:

The multiple options provided to a buyer to make a payment – either in full or in installments, will ensure that you get the FULL payment up-front without any delays or hassles.

Camlist offers a host of safety features to ensure that all breeders and pet parents have the safest interactions and experience possible. From the time of first contact, right until the pet has been safely handed over, Camlist will provide end-to-end support. This gives Camlist its reputation of being the safest way to re-home pets.

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