Taking proper care of your fluffy companion requires more than just constant grooming and knowledge of their favourite snacks. Although health and hygiene often go hand-in-hand. It is equally as important to be aware of all the other potentially harmful aspects of your puppy’s life. So, to make sure that your pride and joy are living their best life. let’s look at some common diseases in puppies and strategies to manage them:

1 Superficial infection and allergies:

This group of common diseases in puppies. So often seen that it’s more practical to talk about them as a whole. Infections are most likely to be seen in the ear canal. (especially for puppies with long ears such as Beagles and Spaniels). Or over small portions of the skin and present with excessive head shaking, uncontrollable pawing, scratching, and dry skin. In worse cases, this can lead to dry patches, sores, and even lacerations. These infections may also be allergen-bourne (commonly food allergies but may also be due to pollen or fabric). Which additionally present with hypersensitivity, inflammation, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Various self-medicating options such as creams and ear drops are available to mitigate these symptoms. However, these are only temporary fixes. We strongly recommend taking your puppy to the vet as soon as you observe any of these symptoms. Since the longer you leave them unattended, the worse it tends to get.

2 Canine parvovirus infections:

When talking about common diseases in puppies, parvo deserves individual attention. Unlike common ear or skin infections, parvo particularly affects young puppies (6 weeks – 6 months), is highly contagious, and often lethal. Although most puppies have vaccinated against this condition, it is important to keep an eye out for sudden lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, and bloody stool which may indicate a persistent infection.

Parvo infections cannot be self-medicate and certain breeds such as Rottweilers, Dobermans, and Pitbulls are predispos to parvo infections. However, the treatment strategy is the same for any breed – if you suspect that your puppy might be infected, ensure that you get them medical attention as soon as possible to start the required drug course.

3 Canine distemper:

Unlike other common diseases in puppies, distemper is often confusing with a late-onset condition. However, they are very much observed in younger puppies and can lead to major issues during their development. It is causing by a type of virus similar to those that cause measles, mumps, and bronchitis in humans. Symptomatically, a distemper is similar to a typical infection with signs of fever, inflammation, and swelling. However, this condition also presents with a characteristic discharge from the eyes, nose, and hardening of the footpads (underneath the paws).

Similar to parvo infections, there are no self-medication strategies for distemper, although vaccinations exist to mitigate juvenile symptoms. Therefore, it is crucial to have your puppy vaccinated against distemper since the course of treatment after the symptoms appear is unlikely to cure the condition.

4 Kennel cough:

Although the name of this condition is a misnomer, it is still an important and very common disease in puppies; particularly those rescued from densely populated shelters or kennels. As the name suggests, the main symptom of this condition is persistent coughing – characterised by a high-pitched, hacking sound. This is also a contagious, virus-borne disease that is contracted from dense populations.

It is difficult to distinguish kennel coughs from other respiratory tract infections, although an experienced vet can tell the difference. Cough suppressants may help with the symptoms temporarily. But a proper course of medical treatment is the best way to properly deal with the condition.
There are plenty of other conditions out there that you should familiarise yourself with as a dog owner, but these are our picks for being the most common and lethal to your fluffy companion. And if you’re looking for a partner free of these and other common diseases in puppies, find yourself the perfect match on Camlist today!

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