Regardless of if you’re a brand new pet parent or just want to find the best medical care for your pet, it’s important to be aware of all the options you have available. Although convenience is desirable, you shouldn’t compromise your pet’s health with just a “vets near me” Google search. But we also understand how difficult and time-consuming it is to do the due diligence that comes with finding the best vets in your area.


Don’t fret, though – we’ve got you covered! Having looked into pet clinics around major areas across England, we’ve compiled a suggestive list for vets across the country! So, from London and the Midlands to the south, here are the best vets in your area:

London and Greater London

Streatham Hill Veterinary Surgery: First up on our list is Streatham Hill – an independent veterinary clinic. They offer a wide range of advanced medical care options and are reputed for their successful veterinary surgical procedures. If you’re on the lookout for the best vets in London, be sure to try their free consultation to help make your decision.

London Animal Hospital: LAH has a longstanding commitment to pet care and houses some of the best vets in London. Although consultation costs vary, they still fall on the affordable side of the spectrum considering their brilliant quality of care.

Medivet: we’d be remiss not to mention this up-and-coming independent clinic. Medivet is known for its expertise in handling small animals but is capable of handling all shapes and sizes. Imaging, vaccinations, and operations are just a few of their available pet care options.

The Midlands

Manor Vets: Situated in Birmingham, Manor Vets are undoubtedly some of the best vets in the midlands. They are popular across the West Midlands for their swift emergency care and thorough consultations, making them ideal for any pet care situation.

All Creatures Veterinary Centre: As the name might suggest, All Creatures Veterinary Centre is open to care for all your pets no matter the kind. But what really makes them part of the best vets in the midlands is their veteran staff and central location. No matter where you are in the East Midlands area, the best vets are only a few steps away.

South of England

Vets4Pets: Vets4Pets is a well-known pet care franchise with bases all over England. But when it comes to the best vets in your area, they are part of the elite. From routine check-ups to microchipping, Vets4Pets cater to all your pet care needs in the Hampshire and Berkshire counties.

These are just a few examples of the best vets in your area that can serve as a gateway to exploring better pet care options near you. For more information on related articles or to find your own furry companion, check out our options at Camlist today!

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