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What is Camlist?

Camlist is a mobile marketplace app that allows you to buy & sell pets using short videos. Shoot a video, chat with buyers/sellers, pay, and leave reviews, all in one place. Why Camlist? Do you have a pet you want to offer for adoption or rehoming in a safe and secure manner? Are you looking … read more

Camlist Finance

Camlist finance offers all buyers the option of choosing a flexible payment plan. This allows you to make payments in monthly installments rather than making a large payment up-front. Camlist has partnered with multiple financing partners across the US, UK and UAE in order to provide financing options for you to purchase. If you are … read more

Camlist Payment Plan

Camlist has partnered with a number of financing partners in the US, the UK, and the UAE to offer you financing options for your purchases. With Camlist Payment Plan, you can take advantage of the 0% interest financing options provided. If you want to buy a pet but can’t afford to pay the seller the … read more