Properly raising your kitten is not an easy job, Here are tips that will help you make it easy.

Learning how to properly raise your kitten is a tall order. Not only are they fragile and delicate when it comes to health. But they also oftentimes be fussy and disobedient when trying to get them to do things. Besides the moods and emotions you can’t control. There still are certain things that you can do to help the process along. So, here’s our take on the key points when asked “how to properly raise your kitten?”

1 Take it slow

The first rule on how to properly raise your kitten is to be patient. Kittens should stay with their mother and around their litter for at least 8 weeks before you bring them home. So make sure your little fluff ball spends enough time with its family. Before they spend the rest of their time with you.

2 Nurture them: Although cats generally don’t need extensive training on discipline, it is important to nurture them so that they become obedient and empathetic. The second rule on properly raising your kitten is to give them equal attention and space. So that they appreciate affection just as much as they recognize alone time.

3 Handle with care and toys: An important aspect of how to properly raise your kitten is in what way and how often you choose to handle your kitten. You should try to make contact with your kitten as frequently as possible. While they’re young to recognize your touch and scent. Similarly, you should often use toys when you want to play with them. So that they know the difference between playful biting and serious scratching.

4 Do not over or under-protect: As we’ve said before, kittens are very fragile creatures. It is important to keep an eye on them as much as possible. But you can always overdo this. The thumb rule on how to properly raise your kitten, in this case, is to allow them full reign over parts of their living space, although not all of it.

There are clearly no hard-and-fast rules on raising your kitten but the ones above should get the ball rolling. Once you start learning the patterns of your specific furball, things will get progressively easier. And if you’d like to find a kitten of your own, try your luck at Camlist today!

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